“While democracy can be periodically delayed / It can never be permanently defeated.”

One of the most stirring and notable moments of Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony for the Biden-Harris administration came at the hands of United States Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman. Gorman took to the stage after President Biden’s inaugural address…

Being an entrepreneur is tough. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a team of the world’s best and brightest minds to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey?

Well, thanks to TED Talks, you can.

TED Talks are hands down, one of the best tools you could possibly add to…

A lifetime of experience will offer many lessons and cultivate many skills.

Some of them will be explicit, like how to do your laundry, invest your income, and raise your children.

Some of them will be more subtle and abstract, but important nonetheless. Ideas such as how to respond to…

Life is crazy, messy, and often chaotic. But certain truths ring no matter the age or generation. And wading through the words of one of the most brilliant minds ever to walk the Earth can help you find some of those truths so that you might apply them for yourself.

To attract more creators, Snapchat is promising users a cut of $1 million for creating the best clips.

It Pays to Be in the Spotlight

A post on the Snap Newsroom unveiled Spotlight, Snapchat’s attempt at one-upping TikTok. …

Snapchat has announced that Spotlight will follow its traditional rules regarding privacy and safety. It will be moderated, not allow public comments, and profiles are private by default. All Snaps submitted will have to adhere to content guidelines in order to receive a distribution.

Over time the Snaps curated on…

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